CodeGlass Account

Currently CodeGlass does not have a managed account, this will be added in the future, escpecially when we have furture use for it.

For now when you will get the following accounts:

User Account

With user account we mean the account that you have to login into CodeGlass with.

You get this account by:

  • Buying or getting a subscription for CodeGlass; or
  • A License Manager will create one for you.

This account is the same as the License Spring CodeGlass Account.

LicenseSpring CodeGlass Account

After you gained a license or subscription for CodeGlass you get an email from LicenseSpring including an account. With this account you can login into CodeGlass.

You can read more about this acount here.

If you are a License Manager you can also create users account for others to login with into CodeGlass.

Stripe CodeGlass Account

In some cases and in all cases that you payed for your subscription you get a Stripe CodeGlass Account, here you can manage your subscription and billing, including cancelling your subscription.

The username is the email adress you used when you bought a subscription and should in be the same as your LicenseSpring CodeGlass Account

You can read more about this account here